Sports podiatry
In Israel, sports have become a real social phenomenon. We treat an ever-increasing number of high-level sportspeople and athletes at our clinic. In order to achieve such a high level of expertise and adapt ourselves to the medical sports team, we need to formulate a specific and individual treatment program for each patient.

Participating in (individual or collective) sports activities leads to:

  • Repeated movements.
  • Shockwaves caused by terrain.
  • Muscle and skeleton disturbances which harm the tendons, muscles and joints.

In this way, physical activity leads to lower limb and spine pathologies.
Why it's important to consult a sports podiatrist:

  • Seeking the best posture in order to achieve optimal foot stability.
  • Coordinating the best treatment with the orthopedist, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractic and dietician.
  • Biomechanical testing of the static and dynamic condition of the patients.
  • Searching for axis with distortions and estimating joints amplitude.
  • A special emphasis on footwear.
  • Estimating and adapting each pair of footwear, depending on the type of sport which the patient practices.
  Athlete's foot
Child foot
In our clinic, constant treatment of children, from the age of 3, becomes an everyday reality. Indeed, pediatricians and family doctors occasionally refer children to us in order to perform several early examinations which enable specific quality treatment.
Child's foot Foot treatment Merkaz Kaf ha-Regel
The podiatrist will examine:
  • The child's physiology, according to his/her age.
  • Biomechanical examination of gait through video equipment, and checking the child's development during his/her growth.
  • The various pathologies which he encounters, such as problems with the rotation of the lower limbs: inward-pointing feet, frequent falls.

The child develops his/her gait before the age of 3. The first podiatric examination should be planned carefully, in order to diagnose possible lower limb disorders (such as inward-pointing feet) as soon as possible.



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