The podiatrist is the only medical doctor who is qualified to perform an exact clinical examination of the lower limbs and the back.
Podiatry covers a wide range of services, advice and treatments.
Podiatry applies both to persons who suffer from foot pain and to sportsmen on all levels.

Orthopedic footwear is a device which is produced according to the patient's size, in order to satisfy your specific needs; its is a biomechanical device which is manufactured from thermoformable materials (made through exposure to heat) through the use of advanced (antibacterial, antifungal) technology.
Podiatry   Footwear

"Your orthopedic footwear is unique – just like you are"
There are several types of orthopedic footwear:

  • Podiatric
  • For diabetic people (to achieve better weight distribution).
  • For sportspeople.
  • Comfortable.
  • For simulation.
  • Therapeutic.
  • Proprioceptive
  • Therrmoforming


Primary symptoms:

  • Pain in the frontal section of the foot (metatarsal pain, Morton's syndrome..).
  • Heel pain ("spurs", tendon pain…)
  • Flat or sunken feet.
  • Back pains.
  • Unequal length of lower limbs.
  • Knee pain (genu valgum and varum).
  • Hallux valgus ("onion warts").
  • Hammer-shaped toes.
  • Sprained ankles.

Useful information:
In order to achieve a better fit of the footwear to the patient, it is necessary to produce a footprint while bearing weight, rather than in a sitting position, in a sponge box or in plaster.

It is important to realize that the foot and the footwear are interrelated, and the check is performed only through bearing weight in a dynamic way!

  Quality footwear

Footwear fitted to the patient's foot
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